The Boy Is Mine

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The Boy Is Mine (1998)

Digital Album


Song Title Video Lyrics Price Buy It
1 Play Track Street Symphony MP3
2 Play Track The Boy Is Mine MP3
3 Play Track Ring Da Bell MP3
4 Play Track The First Night (Album Version) MP3
5 Play Track Misty Blue MP3
6 Play Track Angel Of Mine (Radio Mix) MP3
7 Play Track Gone Be Fine MP3
8 Play Track Inside MP3
9 Play Track Take Him Back MP3
10 Play Track Right Here Waiting MP3
11 Play Track 'Cross The Room (Album Version) MP3
12 Play Track I Keep It To Myself MP3
13 Play Track For You I Will MP3

Reviews (13)

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I love, love you and your awesome music. And I will always love you. Amy@the Health Magazine.
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i no every song on this albume
The first night is the best song ever! It is my song when i want 2 jam out!!!
oohh, I love this song so much. this is dedicated to my fiance because I will do anyhting for him. He is light up my heart and I will not give him up for the world. This song is really special to me. It seems like Monica made it just for me as it was when I was 17 years old. Still loving Monica. Hope to meet you someday.

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Dispite the drama between Brandy and you, I will always love all of you. I will support all of you to, because you Aliyah and Brandy was representing me and many different ways and all three of you had a different sound, and I appreciate good music and good singing. You are the most soulful of all three, but I so enjoyed yall duet, and it was the truth and genius. I actually thought of that when I was listening to yall singing. Great minds think alike. I know that you are doing wonderful and the work you guys put into it was the most important part and it was done successfully, so job well done......One love Monica Smiling



I Love this one

Here I Am


Every cd she has out I love... My favorite tracks are 'angel of mines' and 'for you I will'. I still rock 'for u i will' in my car. That song I dedicate to my nieces, because I will do anything for them.


This was my favorite CD for a long time. Just about every song is a 5/5