Miss Thang

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Miss Thang (1995)

Digital Album


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1 Play Track Miss Thang MP3
2 Play Track Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days) (Album Version) MP3
3 Play Track Like This And Like That MP3
4 Play Track Get Down MP3
5 Play Track With You MP3
6 Play Track Skate MP3
7 Play Track Angel MP3
8 Play Track Woman In Me (Interlude) MP3
9 Play Track Tell Me If You Still Care MP3
10 Play Track Let's Straighten It Out MP3
11 Play Track Before You Walk Out Of My Life (Album Version) MP3
12 Play Track Now I'm Gone MP3
13 Play Track Why I Love You So Much (Album Version) MP3
14 Play Track Never Can Say Goodbye MP3
15 Play Track Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days) (Remix) MP3
16 Play Track Forever Always MP3

Reviews (15)


This album got me through hard times and this album will remain a classic forever!!!!! I looooooooooove this album in every way, this is your signature and thanks for remembering that and returning to your roots on this new and current album.....Can't wait to go buy it, much success to you and you will be in my prayers to keep believing in yourself and fighting for what you stand for. Stay strong and enjoy,life, and live happily Smiling


All Man this cd is da s***... I mean all her cds are but this 1 I grew up listening to. She is bad and still is bad. I love Keyshia Coles but Monica u out did her on trust. My favorite song off htis cd is 'why I love u so much'.

Monica I used to sit in my room and perform this whole cd. I love this cd your the GREATEST I love your voice. You inspire me and many other people. Keep singing and may God continue to bless you and yours!!!

I can still remember standing in front of the miror singing the songs to this album. This is an all time favorite. Monica can really blow and I really enjoy listening to her music no matter what it is. Keep up the good work Monica. You are the best.
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` - I Really LOVE This Song ! Its My FAVORITE Song In The World ! Everytime I Listen To it , I HAVE To Start Singing , and Start Thinking About My FIRST Time ! <3`
love this albume

This song will never get old. I love this song!!!

This is the best album ever. It brought me threw a lot of things. I love all of Monicas music I've been listing to her since the begginging but this is the one here.
This here is the best album ever. I love monica and I've been listning to her since I've been old enough to listen. But this album here is the best.
This will ALWAYS be my fav cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is STILL one of the best cd's EVER!!!!!!!!