Watch "Love All Over Me" & Vote

Watch Monica's new video for her single "Love All Over Me." The video features rapper Maino and LA Lakers 2010 champion, Shannon Brown.

Old Love vs. New Love - Vote Now!

As you'll see in the video, Monica is forced to choose between 2 lovers, her old love Maino or her new love Shannon Brown and she needs your help! After watching the video cast your vote at the online poll below or by texting:

NEWLOVE to 66937 for her new love or
OLDLOVE to 66937 for her old love

Old Love vs. New Love
What love should Monica choose?

Old Love (Maino)
New Love (Shannon)

Comments (128)

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Monica, I chose the NEW LOVE...not based on looks like my husband seems to as I told him because through GOD you (Monica) made a promise that you would move on and you have to hold your word to that. When GOD made promises he alway kept his word, right? Okay then woman of should stand as he would. Me and my hubby just almost was in that same situation but the man above saw him through it all and we are happily together continuing to raise our beautiful kids! It seems like you really have been in this situation before, as you always sing from your life's experiences. Being in love is a hard thing to do especially when it's always a disrespectful woman involved, I've been there, and I have forgave my hubby, 7 women strong! He says: In men eyes a girlfriend stands nothing to a WIFE. When you become a man's WIFE you are HIM..and in that more respect comes than before when you were just his girl. Remember ladies: All you can do is love them, MEN are gonna be MEN..blame ourselves for it..when Eve told Adam to bite that apple, this is what was made of it! Lol..oh so true though. I got mad love for Rocko! I'm praying on ya'll LOVE. Later, Monica. XOXO

I say choose the new love because you may not have that LOVE ALL OVER YOU if you leave the new for the old. Things and people change in time, so what you once had may not be the same you know what you have so hold on to that......

I love that ending and the person that was chosen.

I would have to say new love because time waits for nobody you cant stop your life because he got locked up. If he loved you so mush then he should have thought about you before he did what he did. What about you? what about the things you want to do in life? If its ment to be it will be

I think Monica should chooose her new love not just because he is cute or is a basketball player but because her old love told her to live her life don't worry about and to do her. Well she did that and 15yrs later he comes back but she has a new man and is planning their wedding. She shouldn't just leave him just 'cause the old love is back. I've made this mistake myself. Yea i'm young but i've been in this boat before myself. I moved and had to break off a 3yr relationship then about 3 yrs. later he ends up moving to where I lived and didn't know it and we bumped into each other and i left my new bf for him. Thats when I learned that if something is mean't to be then we would still have been together and now i'm back with the boy that i choose my ex over and we've been together for 8 months. And i'm truly happy.

Monica, I love the video and the new and grown up you. I am just curious if you have had contact with the old love while he was in prison? I'm sure you did. I ask to help make your choice easier. If so, you probably think you still love him but if you did you would have not engaged yourself with another guy. You are looking to move on.
Sit down and weigh your pros and cons for each guy and see who has the most of what you love about each one.
Keep in mind is it real love that you have or had for the old love or was it lust. I say this because 15 years ago you were very young and now you are much more mature and maynot have know if this is love. But now you are older and I am sure you know the difference between love and lust.
And if you can't decide because you love the both then just keep it real: Which one can secure Monica if Monica did not have all of what she has.

I believe you should pick your new love because he's a new chapter in your life. You moved on from your old love and nothings wrong with that. Someone posted that you should pick your old love because he must care about you to come back for you after getting out of jail, but the fact of the matter is, he came back to what he left. Even though you think about your old love while with your new love doesn't mean you still in love with your old love, it means that you still have love for him. Many young women get confuse on that. It is okay to have love for old lovers because they helped you find what you want out of a man. Also, many people feels that its love that keeping them with old lovers, but its not, its the fear on moving to new and better things. Life is about exploring and finding what makes you happy, so don't deprive yourself of finding that before leaving this earth because its a regret that one can't get back.

Let me start off by saying Monica I just truly love this song...I been humming it ever since I saw your television really did ur thing on this song, it came from your heart and u sing it with so much emotion that is truly shows in the song....Thank u for being the artist you as far as who I vote for it's a hard decision to make for the simple fact is maino is ur old love who have seemed to have kept it real back in 1995 and then he was sent to prison, now although you probably love him and he was the appl of your eye in 1995 you have now grown up and the house, attitude and looks done changed in you. so being that he was in prison and u matured as woman (because women got 10 yrs hand down over all men) you are different. so now u meet Mr Laker himself (shannon). he doing his thing and 9 of 10 y'all are on the same level, where maino is not. Now I will give maino his props for saying don't wait for him because it take a true man to say that. but when he went in to do his time he went to handle his business and realistically knew that in 15 yrs (1995-2010) things would be very different. So he knew you would meet some one and developed a relation- ship. So I would keep my love and memories for maino and I would choose shannon because You are way maturer now than 15 yrs ago and u know what u want. b/c if u didn't u would have never chosen shannon in the 1st place!!!!!!! ..........Team Shannon....let's get it!

I voted for old love because I've lived it. If you separate from your true love because of circumstances beyond your control, you never get over it. Yes, you learn to love again, but the old love holds a certain spot in your heart that no one else could ever have.

I was separated from my true love for over 20 years...and now we are married!

Go team Maino!

I voted for old love because I've lived it. If you separate from your true love because of circumstances beyond your control, you never get over it. Yes, you learn to love again, but the old love holds a certain spot in your heart that no one else could ever have.

I was separated from my true love for over 20 years...and now we are married!

Go team Maino!

and i still stand to say that she should go for the old love. How can anyone really give ALL of themselves to one person when it is CLEAR that their heart may belong to someone else....Maino coming home probably opened her up emotionally to feelings that she THOUGHT she let go of just because he was out of sight. In a situation such as this it would be best to take a step back and and take time to make a decision. There is one thing Love can NEVER be and that is UNSURE. Cant wait to see the ending of the video.

I think you should pick the NEW LOVE Shannon because he is cute. Not just the looks part but Maino did too much time in jail & told you to live your life. How can he just come out of nowhere and act like everything is the same. Besides you were planning a wedding and you got love all over you with Shannon I voted for the NEW LOVE!!!! I can't wait for the ending of the video tomorrow!!!!

Hey Mo, I've been a fan of you and your music since the beginning of your career. I can relate to almost everyone of your songs. You have been truly blessed with a magnificent gift. Now about this video, I believe you should stick with the NEW LOVE, because the OLD ONE told you to MOVE ON and you did. But he SHOULDVE KNOWN BETTA! But after 15 long yrs your life has changed and now you GOT LOVE ALL OVER YOU! and he shows up at your door as if nothing has changed between the two of you. Being that he is not C. MIller.(lol) I would take my chance at saying that the love you had for him is not the same and you are truly happy with the one that you are with now. Of course being that he was the love of your life at one point in your life, you are curious as to what life would have been like if he had been around. The decision may or may not be easy but you gotta make that choice STAY OR GO!.......cause you only get ONE IN A LIFETIME! so make sure its what you want. But I'm pulling for the NEW LOVE!!!!!

I am absolutely in love with this video. I most definitely would have to choose New Love. I choose New Love because Maino told her to live her life and a fifteen year bid is quite a long time. He love her enough then to tell her to Live her life,and not wait. He should love her more to know that she is happy with the new love of her life Shannon. Fifteen years gave her time to find a greater love and if Maino really Love her that much he should want nothing more but her happiness. ♥ ♥ ♥

i want ha to choose both

Old Love, because you always remember the good times you had, and it is too much fond memories together. That old love is tha best love!!

Also, Maino OBVIOUSLY loves her enough to understand that it's not fair for her to be 'alone' on the outside for 15 years, he wanted her to live her life while he was down. She said she would wait, etc. and now the time has come where they are able to be together again. If he wanted to TRY & keep her locked down he wouldn't of loved her enough to tell her to live her life. Oh I PRAY she chooses OLD LOVE!!!

OLD LOVE!!! Definitely OLD LOVE. Alright, the video, yeah.. he DID say "live your life; don't wait for me." Honestly, she DID live her life, well when he showed up at the door the feelings they shared for one another obviously never FULLY died. Now I can't say she was "playing" with 'new loves' heart, she was just moving on.... but, it just may not work. I have been reading the posts and I'm happy to read there are A LOT of people who are in a similar situation that I am in. My first love... went one way all those years ago because I was too shy to speak up. Anyway, my first love was living that "fast life" & I knew that's not what I wanted to be around anyway so I wrote him & told him I was leaving & he would never hear from me again. I ended up getting married & 10 years later we reconnected, he now knows the feelings I have had for him & I have realized that even though we lost contact, he was always in the back of my mind which I tried to ignore it but reality is, he is ALWAYS going to have my heart. I am married; not to my true love (I thought my husband WAS my true love once upon the time) - but I know I can't control the way my heart feels & it has been with my old love for almost 19 years & I know it will be there for the rest of my life. It's sad because I know the pain that is felt when you live your life & you feel as though you are making the right choice in who you end up with only to realize when it's too late you made the wrong choice, I don't wish ANYONE to have to live with this pain. Old love...... TRUE OLD LOVE NEVER DIES!!!

i believe she dirint relly love her first love....because when u trully love some one u will wait for them no mater wat!......dosent matter wat he was in ther for love could forgive....she should go for "the new love " only because it seems that that would be her first, shes reminesing on her old bf because he seems like a good guy, sorry thats the way i think

I think she should stay with the old love because I love Shannon Brown lol, but 4real thats a hard decision. Even tho her old boo did tell her 2 move on they still have feeling 4 one another so instead of reminiscing on the past it would probably be best 2 get on with her future

It's obvious that she is still very much in love with the old flame. I think if she enters into a marriage knowing that she is truly in love with another, the union is not given a fair chance. She should step back from both situations and make the right decision.

I have read some of the comments and alot of people are saying she should chose the "new love" and they have some very interesting and great points about chosing the new love and moving forward with her life. Granted I feel like she should chose the old love especially if she still has feelings for him. What sense does it make for her to move on with a new love if her "heart" still belongs to the old love. The relationship would be doomed before it starts. Granted I chose to move on with my life and be with my new love for my old love was just not for me we have been broken up for almost 8 years and as one of the comments said when he had her if he would have loved her right she wouldn't have to be looking for a new love but now that she has found one he wants to come back. If he is coming back he must have a reason to come back, he must know that she still has love for him and if she is engaged to someone new and still thinking of the old than she needs to check her heart and truly weigh her options before she marries the wrong guy and cause more pain than is necessary..Can't wait to see who she choses...

I wonder if this is something that she is really going through or is it just a "video" I love her music but don't follow it enough to know if this is real or fake...

~Ms. ClassyLady77~


I hate to say it but hey he told you to move on and thts what you did!! so him poppin but up tryin to be back in ya life is selfish. I mean he did 15 years like LADIES NEVA PUT YA LIFE ON HOLD FOR ANY GUY!! Its neva worth it unless he was your husband before goin down!!...Its all about growing and making grown up choices. your happy and your in love neva settle for less maino taught you a life less and you should cherish everythin you too have been thru but when he told you to move on he made his decison and he needs to live by it and accept tht you have moved on to shannon!!! SHANNON ALL THE WAY!!! STAY WITH YA NEW LOVE AINT NOTHIN LIKE MOVING FORWARD WITH LIFE NEVA GO BACKWARDS!!

monica pick da new one because he cute and wont have 2 leave u 2 go 2 jail....

Hello Monica!!! LOVE IT!!!
I would get into all the, "groupie theatricals", but, I'll pass. But I will say, Congrats on your success and Blessings, and I hope in the near and far future, I'm around to hear more of your music!
Now, as far as this video, I have to go with the new love. Things change, people change, and they all change with time. (like your music for instance). Just because what was good back then, isn't good for your soul today! NOW...if you chose the new love, the next video has to be "Superman", if you go back to "old homie" lol...the following video has to be "Believe In Me"or better yet, "Stay or GO"....Just makes ALOT of sense to!!
Once again, Congrats, and Stay Blessed!!


I love you Monica....I love the video "Love All Over Me." I would say go back to the old love, I was in a situation like that, he never went to prison, but I lost that love. I was with him for two years and I was scared of the love I had for him, never told him how strong my feelings were for him. And before I broke it off with him, he told me how he felt about me and that one day I would be his wife. Years went by and I got into another relationship, at that time I was still in love with my ex. I felt like I couldn't give my all to my new man, because I was still in love with someone else. When I realize that, I called my ex and I told him that I love him and I never stop loving him, he told me he was in a relationship, and if are love was meant to be, we would find our way back into each others life. After four years of being in a relationship with the new guy, I realize he wasn't the one, I stop loving him, I wasn't happy anymore, and I felt like I was just settling with him. I told my self that I would find my old love and we would get back together and everything would be good between us. After I left my new man I was single for a year, and when I finally seen my ex he was married to someone else, and it broke my heart to the core. All I'm saying is that you still love your ex, if you could lay in bed with your soon to be husband and think of another man, it's not over. That love is still there no matter if you want it, or not. Monica pick Maino, he is your one and first true love. So what he was gone for 15 years, at the end of the day your heart still melt for him............ OLD LOVE ALL THE WAY.......I'M TEAM MAINO Smiling!!!!!!!

I would definitely say (old Love) because once you find that connection, and a person that still makes you question the current relationship…ad you had no doubts before when you was dating 15 yrs. ago. There is no question old lover is where it’s at. He loved you enough to let you enjoy life, but loves you too much to let go. Looks are not everything, and sometimes can get you in a lot of trouble. Their connection looks to serious to ignore.

it is obvious that monica dont know what to think or do at the moment but she should tell them the truth about her feelings towards each of them and let life run its course who are we to determine this womans future we are her fans not her conscience and love is nothing to play with as her fans we should be telling her to follow her heart and look inside herself to figure out what she really wants in her life monica who do you really want to SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH?who makes you happy in very way possible?you know these men and you know yourself maybe God is telling you something he put both of these men in your life because itz not time for you to make that big commitment to a man but honestly not one of these fans on this web page can make this decision for you they are going off of what they see and we are all diffrent with our diffrent taste and styles so a vote will never help in this situation you must figure this one out alone or atleast with those that know what you have been through and knows you like the back of their hand like a bestfriend or a close relative or something not your fans that only know what you want them to know and what they have heard about you whatever you decide make sure you are happy and you continue to make such great music i wish you well in your life and much blessings to you and both of those men -Ashley (superwoman) <3

Old love is just that OLD; based on some 1995 maturity and now 15 years of damage vrs growth! The question is which one or more of the mental health disorders did he aquire while he did his time? Surely one of the Personality Disorders that include a severe amount of selfishness, in which Monica and everyother woman in this situation would soon be the target of his disconnect with reality, fustration with technology, issues with not feeling like a man, and limited world view and understanding that starts and ends in his own mind and experience.

Please ladies get this mess out of your mind, I learned from experience that NO ONE is the exception for Prison LOVE! Don't trade peace of mind, experience, everything you've extablished in your life and happiness, for "what if, maybe, or potential" Love what you can see, feel, touch and experience in the now! The Present is a present leave the Past behind where it belongs. Let it be a beautiful memory verses a tornato you allowed in your life to destroy you and yours, and your left with damage, distruction and debre you'll be cleaning up after him for years to come!

I think Monica should make her own decision because its her love life. If she feels she want to be with her old love(Manio)then let her well as her new love(Shannon).I would want her to be happy. Sometime it's best to move forward on in life... Monica whatever choice you make i hope you're happy and you wish you the best in life

I was actually in a similar situation. My old love and me were going in separate directions because of our lives and both had to make a hasty decision, either i waited on him to get his stuff together or go on with my life. Somehow i knew that eventhough i went on with me life, he would still be the one, but yet and still i moved on because i had to. I started dating this guy that have it really going for himself. He was getting his master's from Duke University, came from a well-off family, is very smart, charming and intelligent and showered my with greatness, but there was something in my heart that pulled me towards my old love. Don't miss understand, my old love had just as much as the new love, so i was not messing with some misfit! What i'm saying, I ended up going back to my old love because i knew in my heart it has always been him, and would always be him. I felt i would be cheating the new guy if I stayed because i would always be saying, "if my old love would change, i would be with him in a heart beat", always comparing and always wishing he was him. That's just not fair! The great thing about my situation is that my old love did change and the change is genuine, and now we are getting married this fall! Now you tell me following your heart does not pay off, but only if bother parties are genuinely willing and God has to be involved! Monica should go with her heart, but also not be blind to the truth. If it looks, smells and tastes like a rotten apple, then nine times out of ten it is, But you have to be woman enough to make the decision and deal with the consequences! However, that Shannon Brown is a beautiful man and that smile, I would just melt. With him, i would have to say no to the old love and say, "give it to me new love"! LOL

Monica needs to go with "New Love" because its been 15years since she seen her "old love" she had no choice but to move on and dats what manio had wanted any way for her to move on. She moved on with her life and found someone new and it took time to get to know shannon and the both of them put an effort to get to know each other if she leave now for manio she will throwing away all the effort that they put into their relationship they have build over the last 15years!!

First I love this video and think this is one of the best yet to come! Smiling
I would say to choose your "New Love" only because you have become a different woman in 15 years as well as the "old Love" has as well. Its only so long you can pretend to be the people you were when he left. He has grown into a different man in jail I am sure and there may be some things that come along with that. He specifically asked you to live your life and not wait for him and you did... Be happy with your "new love" and no matter what if you and your "old love" were meant to be you would come together later in life but not at this time and not at the expense of your new loves heart!

By the way Monica you look amazing in the video. You have become an amazing person and I respect the life decisions and paths you have chosen thru your career! You are an inspiration to many young (and older) ladies. Keep it up! I will forever be a fan !!!

Monica , I Think You Should Go To " New Love' Because I Recall He ("Old Love") Telling You To Love & Live . He Can't Jst Show Up Out Of Nowhere And Expect You Into Fall Back Into His Hands . Yeah He Was There First But , You Moved On . While He Was Goine For How Many Years ? Letss Go Shannon !!!!

Saw the Video great song and video put's it all together.I say go with your heart true you and the old love have history togethere but if he can't handle the succsess the you have to do what'z best for u..........Like you said in your song starting over can be scary but looks like new love may have just a little more time for you.....

OMG I Love this video!! But I must say she should choose the old love because its obvious she still has feelings for him if she is laying in her new love arms thinking about the old love if she didnt he would not be a second thought..It would never work if she still has ANY type of feelings for someone else...

Okay first off I LOVE this video,this song, and this album. I fell in love with this song when I heard a snip of it on her show Monica:Still Standing. JD is a geniuos. As far as who to vote for, I have no clue I am at a complete toss up. Mano was the first love so they got history and a deep love for each other. But Shannon is like a breath of fredh air, I mean Shannon got it image wise. My mans is a good look. They got a new love that can be nurtured and grown. Sometimes you have to leave the past in the past. When we try to relive our past, that's when we get hurt. Maybe Shannon os the one God sent so she could move on happily and have a fresh start with love. Idk man. Toss up. Lol

i love the video i think you should choose the old love your in love with him hes alway gonna have a hold on ya heart but if your heart is telling you to do something then go with it ..

Love the video, but they are always great, and there are 10 potential singles on the "Still Standing" CD, so you can't miss.

The "old love" is that for a reason - to me in this video, he knew he wouldn't be able to handle her success, and he didn't want to hold her back - so who's to say he can step in and handle who she has become? The "new love" loves and knows her for the woman she's become and thinking about what's to come, while the "old love" is on some memories and thinking about the way things used to be.

You can't go matter how tempting it may be.

OMG.. both of them are HOT but Maino would be my hubby becuz we have memories...just think of it this way, I dnt want to get married to Shannon when I know in my heart im gonna go cheat on him with Maino LOL

I'm gone say the old love, because of my situation. My boyfriend was incarcerated my last year in high school. We kept in touch the first few years, but i was young and had to live my life and he respected me and told me to do that. I ended up getting married and forced myself to feel it was what i really wanted. It started off being just beautiful but over time it turned out to be a complete disaster. I went through some horrible situations that left me feeling that love just didn't exist at all. I finally got my mind strong enough to leave. A year after my divorce i reconnected with my ole high schood boyfriend; even though he's still incarcerated we formed a even stronger bond. We've been back together for five years and married for three years and 2 months now and still going strong. He's not only my husband, but my best friend and soul mate! I finally know what real love is because of him and our relationship. Monica i've been a fan of yours since you first started and a lot of your songs has hit my life situatons so hard...keep doing u "Miss Thang" Love ya!!!

Hey Monica,

I believe that you should choose for yourself and dont go by what others think you should do because what they may think may not be what you want or what you are looking for in a man.... Most people go by looks and not for what and who that person is deep down inside.... So i am not going to tell you who YOU should choose because that is not for me to decide..I mean really you know what you are looking for in a man and you know what is right for you, so you go and do you and if others dont like it tell them that they dont need to worry about it.. SO LOVE YA and whoever you choose i am going to be happy for you... What makes you happy makes me happy...You have a good one and again LOVE YA

You choose the old love...He didn't do anything wrong. He was gone doing a bid and if you know that the love and trust is still there why not. You see how they were both laying there with the partners at the time but they were still thinking about each other. That is love. And you only get that real, true, pure love once. I would have went with my old love..As a matter of fact if I could find him now I would be with him...

Yeah, I have had a old school love for over 14 yrs on and off and I am 30, I know how it is. But I personally would want to move onward and upward. But I do know couples who have gotten back together after 10 and 20 yrs and are married, and always felt like that was the person they were truly suppose to be with. I think at the end of the video when the minister says is there anyone who objects to this union then that's when Maino should come in and the video should go off. lol Keep us all guessing.